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Glider Observations of Submesoscales in Low Oxygen Waters

GO-SLOW is a collection of projects which together work to understand processes driving oxygen supply and consumption in the Gulf of Oman, home to the world thickest oxygen minimum zone.

ONR Global Grant #N62909-21-1-2008 FORMAS Grant #2022-01536

Nord Stream

Tracking the Nord Stream methane leak in the hypoxic waters of the Baltic Sea

This project is a collaboration between FLOW, VOTO and Alseamar. We deployed gliders around the Nord Stream leak sites for 3 months following the blow out.

Data is being processed at the moment.

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Partner Projects


QUantifying Interocean fluxes in the Cape Cauldron Hotspot of Eddy kinetic energy

PIs: Lisa Beal (RSMAS, USA), Kathleen Donohue (URI, USA), Chris Roman (URI, USA), Yueng Lenn (Bangor, UK), and Sebastiaan Swart (Gothenburg Sweden).

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Partnership with the Voice of the Ocean Foundation

Voice of the Ocean is a foundation which conducts, supports and promotes science and communication regarding the ocean and its dynamic processes.

FLOW works closely with VOTO to improve tools and methods for observing low oxygen in the Baltic Sea.

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